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Exercise Rx – To Knock Years Off Your Age


It may be hard to believe, but until 25 years ago most doctors thought vigorous exercise caused a body to wear out, or age, faster. One of the top doctors credited with causing an about-face in that thinking: Kenneth Cooper often referred to as “the father of aerobic exercise”.
Today we know that the key to keep body functions working optimally is to keep going, to maintain a regular and vigorous fitness regime throughout life.
A lifelong fitness plan that stresses bones, builds muscle  […]
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7 Awesome Booty Shaping Exercises


There is a way to get the awesome booty you’ve always dreamed of. It does take a little work and dedication however it is easier than you think. Here are 7 awesome booty shaping exercises to help you reach your goal:
1. Lunges: This exercise really does tone and shape your butt. When you first start doing lunges don’t add any extra weight. Your body needs to get used to this type of exercise first. Lunges put extra stress
 on your knees so it is important that you do this exercise […]


Exercises and Workouts – How You Can Ease Your Gym Fear


Want to get into better shape but not feeling so great about the idea of going to a public gym? Sadly, many people have a level of gym fear. They worry what others think of them and how they look, or worry they will not know how to use the equipment properly.
Whatever the case, it is important you get past gym fear because there are many benefits to be had from taking part in public gym workouts. You simply will not get the equipment options at home. Therefore, your results can be slower.
So how can you ease your gym fear? Here are a few things to keep in mind…    […]

5 Ways To Motivate Yourself To Exercise


One of the biggest challenges I hear from people trying to lose weight, eat healthier or who just want to be more toned and fit, is lack of motivation.
When you exercise the rewards of feeling good and losing weight become a motivator in itself. Seeing results causes a chain reaction that leads to more exercise and healthier eating. So motivating yourself becomes your motivation.
There are certainly days when working out becomes a challenge even for me. Whether it’s my schedule or I’m feeling a little off.   […]
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